What is Trager®?

About the Trager approach

Milton Trager, M.D., born April 20, 1908, established the Trager approach. The Trager approach uses gentle and natural movements to ease tension, stiffness and pain in muscles, joints and tendons. Through both sessions with a practitioner as well as self-directed movements that can be done on one’s own, the approach re-educates the mind and body to work together to establish new and more fluid patterns of motion.

The two-part system of the Trager approach :

  • Table work done by a certified Trager practitioner using weighing of the limbs, gentle rocking motions, wave-like shimmers of the tissues and gravity-assisted swings;
  • Mentally directed movements that patients can do at home to access their body’s own fluidity called Mentastics® or “mental gymnastics.” These movements suggest to the mind feelings of lightness, freedom, openness and pleasure.


Why Trager®?

The benefits of the Trager approach are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved ease of movement, and greater flexibility, improving your overall quality of life.

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What experts say about Trager®

Trager work is one of the least invasive forms of body work…. It helps facilitate the nervous system’s communication with the muscles, so that it can be used as a method of rehabilitation…     –Andrew Weil M.D., Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson

Milton Trager’s work will benefit anyone wishing to lead a healthier and more dynamic life.     –Deepak Chopra,Chopra Center for Well Being, LaJolla, California