Tali Fuson’s hands touch with presence, caring and intention. In her Trager work, Tali has developed a gift at bringing about gentle release. I’d recommend her Trager work to anyone hoping for deep relaxation, or for support in healing from an injury.       —Will F

I have been seeing Tali Fuson for therapeutic massage for over three years. She is very knowledgeable about the body and its musculo-skeletal systems, and can find and ease those trouble spots–even those you haven’t known about! When given a particular issue to concentrate on, Tali brings relief and an increased range of motion.  Her touch is firm and strong but not harsh.  I highly recommend her skills.      —Susan W

I have been to Tali several times for massage.  She has always asked about my physical issues, and has been attentive and responsive.  Her massage has always been professional and focused on what we identified as concerns.  I always feel relaxed afterwards.        —Jack R

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